A novel URL Shortcut Tool

REWQ creates shortcut urls for any longer, frequently visited url.

R_E_W_Q are top 4 letters on your keyboard and you can kind of swipe to enter them.

Whenever, you swipe on your keyboard these 4 letters 'r-e-w-q-TAB'/NAME - we will redirect you to the link from below.

CLI Usage

Add below to your bash profile.

rewq() { open https://rewq.app?$1; }

Now, rewq standup (for example) will open standup link in browser.



[Shortcut-Word] -> [Link]


Place a - or # in front of line


[List-Name] -> list

* Optional Title -> Link1

* Link2

* Link3

Sequencial or Random Lists

[List-Name] [sequence | random]

* Optional Title -> Link1

* Link2

* Link3


Taking a backup - download a backup to ~/.rewq file from UI.

Using -> is optional. A space will do.

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